Data Analytics Consultant (m/f)

Greetings fellow humans! We are an IT startup or, in other words, we specialize in making things simpler. We are techies, but we believe in hiring the most talented people (not robots) to help your business move forward. And, to make things easier, we speak your language! If you speak “techy”, “businessy” or even alien (that would be fun!) we’ve got you! As a startup, we have the best of both worlds, a vibrant, agile, and innovative startup environment, with the security of belonging to a solid group with 1700 people. So, If you’re a very talented person that wants to feel valued in a great work environment, apply here:

About the job

Hi human tech machine,

Ytech, the coolest IT startup ever, is hiring (you?)!

If you like animals, scooters, gummies, coffee and tech come join our team!

We’d be super happy to have a Data Analytics Consultant joining us, with the below essentials skills and expertise:


Bachelor/Master in a field that emphasizes data analysis and visualization
Solid knowledge of SQL Programming (or similar language aimed at querying relational databases)
Fluent English
Already living in Portugal
Available to travel

Desired Skills

Good written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills
Excellent follow-through, commitment and accountability
Strong team player with excellent interpersonal skills, positive work ethic, sense of humor, and contributor to our fun work environment
Adaptability, able to manage ambiguity and uncertainty
Unyielding thirst for knowledge. Naturally curious
Entrepreneurial, scrappy, "find a way to win" attitude
Portuguese speaking

Nice To Have

Third language highly appreciated - French, German, Italian, Spanish

So, if you are a Data Analytics Consultant even with your eyes closed, OMG, you’re awesome, and we would love to have you on our team!

We’re looking for an eloquent techy, meaning a marvelous speaker and writer - Top skills of communication, you know ? ;)

If you’re up to working in tight deadlines, you’re our person!

For english speaking techies only, but if you’re from Mars and speak Martian, that’s fine too.

We are looking for a techy to start ASAP so… ready? Set… GO!

ps: (we promise we’re cool :))

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Data Analytics Consultant (m/f)

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