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Fusing technology and talent, we’re developing the next generation of software systems for the BMW Group’s future driving machines. Fuelled by the principles of agile software development, we’ll use our freedom to think, disrupt and transform the way things are done. We’re clear about where we’re heading. We plan to change the way the world thinks and feels about cars: from autonomous driving to electrification, from car sharing services to connectivity. Get ready for a journey like no other.

About the job

The HoI, as a servant leader, coaches and supports the different teams which are part of a Unit (a group of teams), including the fierce warriors that comprise them. They ensure that its fire-power is properly aimed, and hits all the targets in a productive way, avoiding cross-fire between the different teams and guaranteeing that all our energy is aimed at addressing productive challenges.

The Head of Interactions anticipates challenges and is the main point of contact between our teams and the rest of the company, as well as the outside world. They also make sure that the best agile practices are in place so that we’re always advancing. Agility and common sense are very much a part of everything they do.

Naturally, all the usual stuff applies. Apart from excellent technical skills, you’ll be a problem-solver, a planner and a doer. Under your influence, things run like clockwork. But you’re no clock-watcher. You bring energy and star-quality to everything you do, ensuring engineering success with a smile.

In return, you’ll be surrounded by some of the best talents in the business, in an inspiring environment where our people are well looked after, happy and part of a connected team that’s changing the future of mobility.

The Makings of a Head of Interactions

Whatever your teams are building, here’s what you’ll be focused on:

Care about our people and help them to grow their skills so that they can enjoy and feel proud about the work we do together;
Support team members on autonomy, self-analysis and career development;
Support and promote interactions between team members, Unit members and people outside the Unit;
Create a collaborative environment between all areas of the organisation;
Influence and assist DevOps teams in focusing on what really makes a difference to the world and adds value to the users;
Developed Unit vision aligning teams and team members towards common goals;
Develop Unit agility: a strong agile culture and mindset;
Continuously inspect how we can work smarter, together and more efficiently so that our working methods consistently reflect and exceed the highest quality and security standards;
Keep the Unit budget under control and provide proper finance reporting.

Anything Else?

Apart from excellent technical skills, our environment is fast-paced and 100% agile and prioritises teamwork, interaction and resilience. We’re organized into Scrum teams, and Units consist of one or more teams sharing a joint development, configuration management and continuous delivery environment.

A nossa estratégia de diversidade e inclusão está enraizada na nossa forma de ser e de estar e endereça 5 dimensões: Igualdade de Género, Incapacidades, Gerações, LGBTIQA e Nacionalidades e Etnias. Trabalhamos para criar um ambiente de trabalho assente na riqueza de perfis e com foco na singularidade, como princípio basilar desta estratégia e como catalisador do desenvolvimento pessoal e profissional de cada Pessoa. Garantindo que todos se sentem respeitados, valorizados pelas suas competências e têm confiança na organização.

This means or our Head of Interactions should possess the following skills:

Extensive experience of agile methods, practices and tools but mainly strong agile culture and coaching mindset;
Knowledge about software development;
Strong people skills that foster a supportive environment, constructive feedback and ideas sharing;
Strong negotiation skills;
A real passion for learning, doing things better and helping others – and an ability to turn ideas into realities;
Able to create solutions that are smart, simple, and relevant within the context of an agile organisation;
Excellent English oral and written skills;
Availability to travel abroad for short periods, as required.

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Head of Interactions (m/f)
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