UX/UI Senior Designer (m/f)

We are the leading digital agency in Portugal with nearly 20 years of experience. We are more than 150 professionals with different backgrounds and expertise that range from Strategic Planning to Advertising, Communication, UX and UI, Content and Social Media, Platform development, Media planning and Research. We seamlessly integrate Strategy, Creativity and Innovation within every project we develop to our Clients. Our aim is to craft distinctive brand experiences that generate the maximum impact on consumers as well as return on our client’s investments.

About the Job

Job Overview

The senior is able to drive with responsibility all the duration of projects.

The main jobs to be done are create amazing interface solutions that both meet the needs of users and offer them an intuitive and distinct experience. As a hands-on designer with a meticulous eye for detail, the Senior oversee the work to ensure it is realized with incredible creativity and expert craftsmanship. At the same time should guarantee a balance between client expectations and final delivery.

The happiness of the colleagues he/she works together, the satisfaction of the agency’s clients and their consumers and profitability of the projects will measure his/her success.

The UXUI team is collaborative by nature, since it sits between (UX) Strategy and technical implementation (FE, BE and SEO). The UXUI Senior Designer has a key role in communicating with all parts involved.

Responsibilities and Duties

Guarantee quality and consistency of the UXUI solutions developed by you.
Plan UXUI project needs on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis (together with Head of UXUI)
Assist UX Strategy team with Personas, Journey maps, Pain points and opportunities.
Define and develop architecture information, benchmark analysis, wireframing, prototyping and usability testing report.
Identify research opportunities and provide benchmark analysis.
Articulate the process, approach, and impact of your design in verbal and visual presentation.
Provide project estimates and validate estimates given by non-senior team members.
Responsibility for design details, documentation and tech specifications.
Coordinate with developers the project goals and integration.
Reveal openness to accept/discuss ideas with other departments and accept/positively challenge clients’ feedbacks.
Create reference design systems with structured design libraries aligned with our DS standards.
Know exactly the Design System Standards and modular process used in house.
Provide mentorship, support and training to the younger designers.
Masters all F6 rules and general tools (Teams, Skills, and Forecast).
Responsible to bring issues concerning UXUI team and projects to weekly meeting.

You will be working side by side with PMs, Service Designers, Motion Designers, Software Engineers and other Product Designers in a very friendly and informal but fast passed and dynamic environment.


Over 8 years of experience creating user-friendly interfaces.
Strong understanding of user experience best practices.
Master knowledge of interface design principles and techniques.
A strong portfolio that spans a wide variety of digital products, services or experiences.
Fluent in UX/UI Design tools and knowledge of prototyping.
Strong Knowledge of photo editing and production.
Able to read HTML5 / XHTML, CSS3 and javascript.
Strong Skills: mentoring, supervising and delegation, positivity motivation, and resolving issues.
Good resistance to work under pressure and tight deadline projects.
Love what you do and ability to inspire others to do the same.
Background mindset: simplify, with quality.

Xtra Skills

Advanced Image manipulation
Video composition and edition
Master in illustration
3D and modulation
Coding HTML5 / XHTML, CSS3 and javascript

Fullsix Portugal
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UX/UI Senior Designer (m/f)
Fullsix Portugal

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